Avoid the common mistakes

Avoid the common mistakes when creating the patio of your dreams

Whether you have a relatively small space at the back of your house or an extensive garden, adding a patio can make a dramatic difference to the overall look. And of course, it can also help you create a wonderful area for al fresco dining and perhaps get-togethers with friends over drinks. Making the most of the summer months can be so much easier when you are able to get outside more.

For the majority of homeowners, it makes sense to bring in construction specialists to ensure the job is done correctly. There are some people, however, who are perhaps capable of tackling such a job themselves. It can be complex, of course, it can be stressful and it will definitely be hard work, however. But if you avoid some of the more common mistakes, the end result can be a complete success.

Plan ahead before any work begins

One of the most important tasks takes place before any actual work gets under way. You need to envisage how you want the patio to look, including the type of furniture you want to have and where it will be sited. Think about the materials you want to use, and, of course, what activities you plan to enjoy when the project has been fully completed.

Think about the flow between inside and outside

While the patio and the interior of the house may seem to be two completely separate areas, it’s a good idea to use similar shades when designing the patio itself. Cleverly-designed outside areas can appear to be more of an extension of the house, making the transition when stepping outside smoother. This can also give an illusion of the two areas being larger than they actually are.

Lay the patio on dry ground

The paving stones will of course be the main focus when the patio has been laid, so this is a job that needs doing right. One of the most common errors made by well-meaning amateurs is not making sure the ground underneath the slabs is dry enough. Stones that get wet from underneath can become loose over time and can even crack completely.

Keep the weeds at bay

The overall look of a patio can be somewhat spoilt if weeds regularly work their way through the floor afterwards. The materials you choose in the joints is therefore important, so make sure you do your homework. Weeds can look unattractive, of course, and keeping them away over a period of time can be labour-intensive. If you’re not sure about the best materials to use, always ask the experts.

Needless to say, a professionally designed and expertly created patio will give you the perfect external space without any of the common errors, and that’s where Tayside Construction comes in. Our team can help you achieve everything from the best patios, the finest brick barbecues and the most stylish garden bars as well. Our hands-on experience is perfect for projects in all areas of the home and garden.

To find out more about the Tayside Construction difference, all you have to do is call 01382 919 350 or 01738 505 888 today. That gorgeous patio that you’ve always dreamed about could be just a conversation away. We hope to hear from you very soon.