Creating the home office that you’ve always dreamed about

In the wake of the pandemic and the general advances in technology and communications, working from home has become a regular activity for millions of people in the UK and beyond. And as we’ve become more used to this, there’s a growing realisation among some people that going back to work in a central office every week from Monday through to Friday simply won’t happen anymore.

Home working is rapidly becoming the norm for many, so how do you make the most of such an opportunity? Of course, you can simply put a desk in an empty bedroom, plug in a laptop and start working, but that doesn’t mean you have a home office. All you have, to put it simply, is a room to work in. Converting that space into a genuine home office can be fun, practical, rewarding and perhaps not as expensive as you might have thought.

A dedicated home office will enable you to be far more productive, of course. The constant interruptions from children, partners and visitors will no longer be a problem if you’re tucked away in a proper working environment. This can be your space, your sanctuary away from everything else, so you want to get it right. And in order to do that, perhaps the most sensible first step should involve emptying the room completely and starting with a blank page.

You can then design the exact final locations of your desk, printer, bookcase, cabinets and more. The layout you choose should reflect your exact needs, enabling you to then work in complete comfort on a daily basis. But before that, consider redecorating the room, using wallpaper, paint, curtains and flooring to create a space that’s conducive to effective working. Thankfully, decorating professionals from Tayside Construction are only a phone call away.

Don’t forget the need for electrical outlets

Then of course there’s the electrics to think about. The chances are your new all-singing, all-dancing office will need plenty of outlets for all the gadgets you plan to be using. Think computer, monitors, printer, lighting, phone chargers, speakers, microphone, fan, heater and more. If you want to avoid the room looking like spaghetti junction, be sure to have the outlets placed in just the right position.

It’s a good idea to think of your new office as a clean break from the past. Try to avoid making it an office plus an occasional bedroom, or perhaps an office plus a home gym. There’s nothing more disheartening at times than working in a space that isn’t truly yours, so make sure you do all you can to add your own personality to this highly desirable addition to your home. Remember, you could be spending many hours in here on a daily basis.

Finally, it’s important to install the right type of heating for your home office. You want to be comfortable throughout the year here, so choose the option that best suits your needs. If you’re only going to be working occasionally in the room, a fan heater is a good choice. For longer working days, however, something more permanent could be necessary. The team at Tayside Construction has a great deal of plumbing and heating knowledge, as well as many years of relevant experience, so be sure to ask our experts if you have any questions. All it takes is a quick call to either 01382 919 350 or 01738 505 888. We hope to hear from you soon. That wonderful new home office, the one that ticks all the right boxes, could become a reality in no time at all.