Five tips for the home decorator

Many people these days choose to design and decorate their homes themselves, without the input of experienced, skilled specialists. And while this desire to put your own stamp on a particular room is understandable – it’s more personal and of course it will save you money into the bargain – there are a number of all too common mistakes that can end up spoiling the finished look. Here are some of the errors you need to avoid if you’re planning some DIY in the not too distant future.

Always remember the importance of light

Choosing a dark colour for the walls is often thought to be an on-trend option at the moment, but it can all too easily have a negative effect on the overall look. Dark paintwork or wallpaper can make a room feel smaller, but if you really want that elegant matt black sheen, perhaps it would be best to just have it on one wall. And even then, think carefully about how you plan to illuminate the area. Consider a combination of both uplights and downlights to enable you to create the ideal effect at any time of day or night.

Buy furniture that’s as practical as it is pretty

This is an interesting aspect of home décor, because far too many people tend to buy sofas, armchairs and the like that look wonderful in the showroom or on the web but are totally impractical for the usage they are about to endure. If you have young children and perhaps pets that like to snooze on the couch when they get the chance, bear this in mind when making your purchase. You’ll probably spend a significant amount of money on such items, and you will of course want them to last for as many years as possible.

Using cheap paintbrushes can make your walls look cheap as well

One of the most common mistakes we see when home-owners do their own decorating in the home involves the overall look of a painted wall. We always urge well-meaning amateurs to invest in good quality paintbrushes, rather than cheaper offerings on the shelves of the local DIY store. Professional brushes retain their bristles rather than shed them onto the walls on a regular basis, and they can be cleaned and re-used time and time again. Cheap brushes are, in many ways, a false economy, so avoid them at all costs.

Give your room some cohesion

The rooms that end up looking warm, inviting and comfortable tend to have a high degree of cohesion, often without the owners even realising. If rooms feature a range of visual inconsistencies they can look as though they are unfinished. We’re not suggesting your rooms should have a theme, of course, just that they shouldn’t look as though they were decorated bit by bit over a period of years.

Never forget the influence that your flooring will have

Beautiful rooms should always feature beautiful flooring, whether that means carpeting, tiling, laminate or anything else. Immediate focal points in a room will usually be sofas, large pieces of furniture or even artworks on the wall, but your flooring will also be noticed very soon after. For more information about the various types of flooring available to you, have a chat with our team today.

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